A Collection of Assorted Musings


Welcome to Novembers's edition of Monthly Miscellanea, a series highlighting the objects, people, places, and experiences that have prompted reflection and conversation of late.  



01. Heart Sutra Nails - "Form is emptiness, emptiness is form". Unexpected, exquisite, and soothing nail art, the Buddhist Heart Sutra hand painted in Chinese by @piopionails




02. Library Love - We love the library, and the LA Public Library is one of our favorite social media accounts to follow right now.




03. Saint Heron's Community Library - Solange Knowles' Saint Heron launched a literary center aimed at advancing education, creative inspiration and skill development through rare, culturally relevant Black and Brown works. Each season features a different collection by a guest curator, and readers are able to borrow books free of charge from the library. Sign us up.


via @whereiwouldliketoread


04.  TsundokuSpeaking of books, we were recently introduced to the poetic Japanese concept of Tsundoku, passionately collecting more reading materials than able to consume. Whether for aspirational or aesthetic purposes, there’s something beautiful about the feel of holding and reading something physical. Browse our selection of publications online here.



  Clockwise from Upper Left: Paper Flowers by, Dried Orange Candelabra by @edeniquefloraldesign, Wine Bottle Candle Holder by @studiobeurre, and a Greens Birthday Cake by @shu_katerina


05.  Sustainable Decor - The holidays can often be a time of excess, and we like these eco-friendly ideas for any gathering or home.