Holiday Gift Guide


In need of gifts ideas?

We've got you covered with coveted items from a selection of small businesses.
Unique options to indulge in for yourself or your loved ones.




01. Classic Herbal Set from Masha Tea

02. Mussels in Organic Pickled Oil from Siesta Co.

03. Butterfly Hair Pin by Emily Dawn Long

04. Wine Bags by Tiny Wines

05. 00 Incense Collection by Hyungi Park

06. Cosmos Ornaments by Casa Veronica

07. 10th Anniversary Edition of Marfa Journal

08. Cord Cover by IKO IKO

09. Sardine Incense Holder by Spiritual Objects



We've also included a curation of shop favorites curated by our friends and tastemakers (artist @analeovy, blogger/writer/professor @melissasonico, and ceramicist @rainajlee)
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