A Collection of Assorted Musings


Welcome to January's edition of Monthly Miscellanea, a series highlighting the objects, people, places, and experiences that have prompted reflection and conversation of late. A month into 2024, and we're gently coming out of our shell, taking the time to create and cultivate space for what's to come.


An emotion wheel inspired by Robert Plutchik’s theory of emotions via @themoonlists


01. Red - Red continues to be everywhere this season, which is especially auspicious as Lunar New Year approaches. Associated with good fortune and celebration, red is traditionally worn to ring in the new year and ward off evil spirits and back luck. Stay tuned as we have something special planned with friends to celebrate the year of the dragon at our LA studio.


Clockwise from Upper Left: @valentino, @thatcurlytop, @vivian.yrl, and @proenzaschouler



For an easy pop of color, may we suggest pairing the Diech Cardigan with the Lace Scrunchie in Red



02. The Art of Perfumery - After coming across the unique designs of modern perfumists, Gummina and Ebonny Munro, we delved down a rabbit hole on the history/artistry of perfume. Tracing its origins to ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Cypress, did you know that the world's first perfumer and chemist was a woman named Tapputi who lived and practiced in Mesopotamia 3200 years ago? While the earliest use of perfume bottles was Egyptian glass around 3000 years ago. As fragrance has evolved to weave more artistic and storytelling art, it still has the power to evoke culture and emotion, particularly through the opulence of perfume packaging. There's something magical and transportive in the power that lies in bottling memory, tradition, and culture. 



03. Peter Shire at Jeffrey Deitch - Joyful color is clearly an ongoing theme for us lately. Last month, we stopped by legendary artist Peter Shire's annual open studio (and brought home a few mugs!), and this month, we got to explore more of his spirited, subversive work at his Jeffrey Deitch show.



04. Jacquemus Spring 2024 Collection - Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus showed his elegant Les Sculptures collection at the Fondation Maeght amongst iconic artwork by Miro, Giacometti, and more. We can't get enough of the stunning looks, setting, and snippets from the runway show captured by artist, Ana Kras.



05. Vintage Love Notes - In our last newsletter, we shared some vintage Valentine's mementos, and above is one of our favorites, a letter from 1913 from American cartoonist and illustrator, Alfred Joseph Frueh, to his wife, Giuliette Fanciulli. When folded according to instructions, it forms a model art gallery replete with paintings.

Sending all our love to you. 


Xx, Team Fuggiamo