To best preserve your beloved jewelry, be sure to remove your pieces before sleeping, showering, and exercising. Avoid moisture and chemicals (like cleaning and skincare products) as much as possible. Store jewelry in individual airtight bags, and store like items together. Keep your jewelry away from hard surfaces to minimize scratching. Light wiping with non-abrasive cloths or soft toothbrushes/brushes can help keep your jewelry clean. Preventative measures will greatly help your jewelry stay bright and sparkly. How much and where a piece of jewelry oxidizes depends on each person. Remember that slight tarnishing is natural and can often add deeper, more antiqued finish to your favorite pieces.
925 silver is silver that's 92.5% pure silver and must be stamped accordingly. To strengthen and harden silver, alloy metals (usually copper) are added. 92.5% is universally acknowledged as sterling silver and the standard for buying silver jewelry.
Gold plated is any base metal electroplated with a layer of gold. Anything plated is more sensitive, so extra care should be given to follow the best practices suggested above.