On Giving Thanks and Action

On the eve of the holiday season, we’re taking time to pause and reflect on giving thanks.  Considering recent events, most of us are having trouble tapping into a sense of gratitude, but one thing we’re ever thankful for is our supportive community of friends, customers, and collaborators.

 Fuggiamo was born of a curiosity to explore the world and desire to share our discoveries.  At our core is a global consciousness and intention to work with partners who share a like-minded attitude towards mindful design, consumption, and values.  It is this spirit of integrity and empathy that guides us in this time of turmoil, and we've chosen to translate our emotions into action. 

From the simplest steps in thinking through how we engage with one another -- giving more hugs, practicing endless acts of kindness, opting for less online and more real world interaction, digging into community, and spending time to actively listen -–  to donating, making phone calls, and holding our elected officials accountable, we need to protect our civil liberties.  Because health care, reproductive rights, clean water, environmental protection, and equality are fundamental human rights, not political tools.  Below, we offer a list of actions and resources we urge you to review and support now.  In addition, we are working on fundraising efforts that we will share shortly.  

This is the beginning, not the end.


* Call your local and state representatives (see here

* Donate your time, skills, and money to organizations in need (see this idea of donating to Planned Parenthood in honor of Mike Pence)

* Cast your vote with you dollars and avoid businesses directly or indirectly tied to Donald Trump (see here)

* Shop local and small businesses

* Vote in the 2018 and EVERY election

* Support the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (see here)


On President Elect Trump from John Oliver (skip to 18:21 for wtf to do now)

* Daily tasks/actions via Project 1460

Advice on getting the attention of your Congress member from an ex-staffer

A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations that need your Support via Jezebel

Where to Spend Your Money Today via Racked

How to Channel Your Post-Election Anger, Sadness, and Fear into Action via Slate

7 Things You Can Do to Help Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline via The Nation

A Short Documentary on What's At Stake for Standing Rock via Fader

* Researching and vetting charities through Charity Navigator and Charity Watch 

Fact Check on Planned Parenthood via NPR

Design for Progress Fundraiser via Sight Unseen

* An Activist's Post-Election Advice via W Magazine

If you have any feedback, please feel free to email us at info@fuggiamo.com.  We thank you for your continued support!