A Conversation With: Sarah Perez of Electric Sun Creatives

An ongoing series of conversations with friends, collaborators, and creatives to explore a dialogue on inspiration, passion, community, travel, and life in general.  Here, meet Sarah Perez of Electric Sun Creatives, a maker, mama, and designer we’re proud to introduce to Fuggiamo.  Her incredibly thoughtful and generous personality is just as inspiring as her gorgeous brass wall hangings.  

Tell us about yourself.  What drew you to work with brass and start Electric Sun Creatives?  A few years back, I had the opportunity to change up what I was doing career-wise and an opportunity to work with a jewelry designer popped up and I took it.  I then decided to advance that knowledge by taking a couple small metals classes.  From there, experimenting with my chosen metal of brass, I went from simple jewelry designs of my own to my wall hangings.  It was a natural transition for me once my daughter was born.  I needed to outfit her space.  

From start to finish, what’s your design process like?  Typically, when coming up with designs, I will cut out a pile of varied shapes to move around and switch up until a design pops out.  That is, for sure, my favorite aspect of the whole process - stumbling on a new design in that way.  I then drill holes, file edges, sand both sides with two different grits of sand paper and then coat the pieces with a natural wax for longevity.  From there, I will cut chain and string the pieces with jump rings.  

You’re based in Sacramento, CA.  Can you share how the city shapes you and your work?  Sacramento is this interesting place - it’s a big-little city, with a quaintness but a growing creative scene.  Those who call this place home say that it’s on the cusp of something amazing - people are excited and creativity is supported.  Because of this feel, I’m constantly inspired to keep creating, with knowing that I’m one part of the whole - and that my voice and place is important.  

What’s the last thing that inspired you?  I recently went out for drinks with two fellow makers for the first time and it was one of the best nights, inspiration-wise.  It’s amazing the ideas and new life that springs forth when experiences and wisdom are shared between three makers/business owners.  I definitely want to make it a regular thing.

Balancing work and life is often a struggle for entrepreneurs.  As a maker, small business owner, AND mom to a beautiful daughter (Harper), how do you maintain balance?  I’ve had to let go of impossible standards I have held for myself in the past with being a perfect businessperson, mother, and wife all at the same time.  I’ve learned to have a lot of grace for myself and just try to stay as present as possible; when my Mama hat is on, the business goes to the back burner - and when I’ve carved out time for working, I make sure to be all in for that.  I’ve found that writing things down on a physical calendar has been helpful in blocking out those times.  

Are you good at carving me time?  What are your favorite ways to unwind?  I feel like I’ve definitely gotten better at it; stuff like riding my bike once a week to meet some gal pals for coffee has been huge for me.  To unwind, I love a good episode of 30 Rock.  Liz Lemon is my spirit animal. 

Do you have a mantra you live by?  Two that inform how I see everything: “Gratitude turns everything into enough” and “Be kind and work hard” (especially pertinent in business). 

Current Favorites? 

Obsessions:  Lotta from Stockholm clogs are a current obsession (who woulda thought wooden soles would be comfortable?  NEWS FLASH - they totally are. And, just now when I asked my husband to help me with this one, he said, “plants…lots of plants”.  He knows me well. 

Eats:  Our friends have introduced us to a vegan nacho cheese recipe and you would not believe that it is primarily from potatoes and carrots -  and it’s delicious! 

Drinks:  Our household has recently ventured into making kombucha and we’re hooked.  It’s the perfect spritzy beverage; I especially love it mixed with guava juice. 

Reads:  Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus will always be a favorite of mine.  I’m currently reading Brene Brown’s “Rising Strong”. 

Sacramento Spots/Secrets:  Sacramento isn’t called the city of trees for nothing - the tree-lined streets of the downtown area are an absolute delight to ride your bike around.  We love to get out onto the bike trail that parallels the river.  Also, there are more independently-owned, award-winning coffee shops in the downtown/midtown area than chains.  Our favorites: Insight Coffee and Old Soul.

What’s next for Electric Sun Creatives?  We will be jumping into West Coast Craft in SF next month, which feels huge, but after that, I’ll be working on sending one-of-a-kind and limited edition mobiles out to the world.  The future is exciting. 


And, we couldn’t be more excited for Sarah and to be working with her.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram, and see our selection of Electric Sun Creatives in the shop.  

*images by Jillian Gorman