A Conversation With: Paloma Wool

An ongoing series of conversations to explore a dialogue on inspiration, passion, community, travel, and life in general -- Our admiration for all things Paloma Wool is no secret.  With a philosophical approach to fashion and art, the woman behind the brand, Paloma Lanna, has designed an extraordinary world built upon the simple premise of getting dressed.  She and her tight circle of collaborators embody a lifestyle of freedom, expression, and creativity that’s refreshingly authentic and reflected in everything they touch.  

To celebrate the launch of their 4th collection with us, Paloma shares her home, inspiration, and favorites.
Tell us about yourself.  How did Paloma Wool come about, and how did you start collaborating with artist, Tana Latorre?  
I grew up with my parents building their brand (Nice Things Paloma.S), so creating my own project came naturally once I combined that experience with my interest in exploring art and photography.  Tana and I are friends, and I first approached her about working together when she was working at an art gallery.  Today, we work side by side.  She draws my universe.
What does your design process look like?  What inspired the latest collection?  
The design process is so free, different, and exciting each time. The project developed around the act of getting dressed...the idea that you are naked underneath, before, and after is present with me all the time.  It is important for the project to express things naturally and from a female perspective.  The Spring collection is a tribute to women, inspired by a number of things that worked together perfectly - works by my beloved Henri Matisse, natural fabrics, and the female figure.
With so many projects between fashion and art, how do you balance it all?  
By leaving it undefined between the two.  Paloma Wool is not so much a fashion brand as it is an experiment.  It’s about how creativity shapes the way we look at and create things, because rather than being set on creating fashion, it’s about exploring the things we are interested in.  Our next collection, for example, was inspired by Egypt and Greece, and now are trying to figure out how to build a pyramid...we will have to see how that works out :)! 
Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your beautiful home!  What do you love most about it?  Is there a favorite area or room?  
I moved into this house a year ago with my boyfriend, Pau, and our two cats, Yoji and Ramen :).  It’s located in the L’Eixample part of Barcelona and looks onto a lovely neighborhood square with trees and a huge water fountain kids swim in in the summer.
The walls are covered by the original pieces that inspired Paloma Wool’s projects: Tana Latorre’s original drawings, cut-outs, and a Calder like mobile she made me that hangs over my desk, the original drawing I received through mail from the first collaboration we did with Tanya Posternak, a woven rug with a naked female figure we did in collaboration with Sabrina Kraus and Berber women in Morocco, paintings by Carla Fuentes, an iron sculpture by Diego Cabezas interpreting one of our female faces from the collection, ceramics from several international artists interpreting one of our prints, lots of plants, vintage lamps, a beautiful green chair from my mother that my cats destroyed, and lots of colorful details.  
My favorite area of the house is our living room, because it’s where all these things come together and where all the light comes in.
You're based in Barcelona.  Tell us about the city and how it shapes you and your work.  
Being surrounded by the mountains and the sea reflects how I see and feel things.  I think it's most visible in the color combinations I am always drawn to.
What's your go-to uniform?  
I like to dress in blocks of similar colors and fabrics and add a beret with big earrings.
Fuggiamo is Italian for “let’s escape”.  In the spirit of escaping, what are your favorite ways to unwind?  
I love to dance (to Latin American music, especially).  And bike rides with Pau.  My favorite place to escape to but still feel at home is the island of Menorca.
Do you have a mantra you live by?  
Follow your instinct.  And be kind.  Always be kind.
What is your favorite:
Spot in Barcelona? 
A restaurant called Flash Flash, a timeless spot with a classic burger and omelette.  It reminds me of my father.

Dish you make for a dinner party?  A vegetable massaman curry

Book?  A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Travel Destination?  The volcanic island, La Graciosa, in the Canary Islands
What’s next for Paloma Wool?  
We are just about to launch our second book, which is very exciting.  And we are going to try and build that pyramid in a desert nearby…we will have to see how that goes!

* Images courtesy of Paloma Wool 

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