A Conversation With: By FAR

the ladies of By FAR

An ongoing series of conversations with friends, collaborators, and creatives to explore a dialogue on inspiration, passion, community, travel, and life in general.  Allow us to introduce you to By FAR and Sabina Gyosheva, one of the line’s co-founders.  This hard working mom fills us in on the story behind the brand, her inspiration, and jet-setting tips.    

Tell us about yourself.  How did you meet your co-founders, and what led you to start By FAR?  The three of us are family.  Valentina and I are twin sisters, and Denitsa is married to my husband’s brother.  We’ve been best friends for more than 12 years.  Growing up, we shared a passion for art and aesthetics, but we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to pursue.  We studied at university, which gave us the basics of how businesses function, as well as developing our knowledge of art and culture.  But it wasn’t until after we had our baby boys that we decided it was time to start our venture…and here we are now :).

You team is spread out across the globe in Bulgaria, England, and Australia. How do you work together, and is there a Bulgarian spirit that underlies your shoes?  We’re now spread out in Bulgaria, France, and Australia.  Thank god for Skype, WhatsApp, and the world wide web, because we could not have done this without them :).  By FAR’s culture is international.  We’re not limited to time difference or a particular place, not even a particular season or year.

Who is the By FAR woman?  The By FAR woman likes to wear shoes that are not overpowering, but at the same time, cool and chic.  She is the kind of woman that wants to feel confident during the day and chic for after work drinks in the same pair of stable block heels.  She travels a lot, so she wants shoes she can wear in cold Paris in the fall and warm Sydney for a vacation.  It really is all about combining comfort, confidence, and the By FAR aesthetics.

Who or what inspires By FAR?  We’re greatly inspired by the beauty of jewellery.  Our Valentina shoe was inspired by the delicate simplicity of wedding rings.  When the shoe is worn with the straps, the main focus is on the straps, but once the straps are removed, the focus becomes the ring detail below.  The colour palette of the Scandi Strap styles was inspired by David Hockney’s 1960s pool paintings.  Those unexpected light blues and coral reds have the same freshness that his work allures.  Our current muses are influencers such as Berta Bernad (who became a dear friend and part of our team), Leandra Medine, Jeanne Damas, Sabina Socol (the sweetest sunshine), Camille Charriere, Camille Rowe, and Natalie Suarez.  All of these ladies are so talented, intelligent, and colourful!

Tell us about Sofia. What are some of your favorite things about life there?  Our favorite aspects about life in Sofia are our old friends and the people we work with.  By FAR travels a lot, but when we’re around, we like to visit small restaurants with good food and good wine, like The Pastorant.  We also love that the city is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, where we love to gather with the children to go hiking.

Fuggiamo is Italian for “let’s escape”.  In the spirit of escaping, what are your favorite ways to unwind?   We love to travel and have a big passion for good food and good wine!

Same for us! Can you share some of your favorite travel destinations and tips?  We love travelling in Europe together.  We usually plan our travels based on good restaurants :).  If you’re in Florence, you must visit Belmond Villa San Michele.  If you’re in London and you’re a big foodie for Indian food, then Amaya is a must!  If you like restaurants with loud music and contemporary food, then Matsuhisa in Paris is the best!  I can go on forever with this list haha!  Also, I think every woman should stay at least once in her life in Capri.  It’s the chicest…most magical place to go on holiday!

Do you have a mantra you live by?  Live in the now, and be conscious.

What’s next for By FAR?  We have a very exciting collaboration ahead of us with Alighieri Jewelry.  Our joint collection will be very unique, a rare combination of crafts!  The buckles of the shoes will be jewels on their own!  We’re very excited, we love their creations as they are truly a piece of art!

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